Mugen Finance


Most commonly asked questions
Q: Will I be diluted since the token does not have a capped supply?
A: While you will hold a smaller percentage of the total supply your APY if staked will not be diluted by an increase in supply. The reason being is that if the tvl is 1000$, you deposited 100$, and that 1000$ generates 18%, you will get an 18% return. The same is true if the tvl is 1 billion dollars and is generating 18% and you still only deposited 100$.
Q: Should I mint or buy Mugen?
A: This is entirely dependent on the current market prices. Sometimes it will be cheaper to buy than to mint and vis versa. In general, if you are looking to get a large amount of Mugen minting will offer better returns than buying from an LP.
Q: Will you be on other chains at some point in the future?
A: Yes we will expand to other chains.
Q: What is the max supply?
A: There is no max supply as growth is determined entirely by demand.
Q: What is the expected yield?
A: The expected yield is (an aggregate of the apy's generated by each strategy * their allocated weight) * 90%
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