GMX / GLP Strategy

A brief description of the GMX Strategy that has been deployed.

Our initial strategy that has been deployed is a strategy that allows for treasury assets to mint and stake Glp. This Glp thus returns rewards which are claimed and sent to stakers as rewards for staking.

This strategy is equivalent to 3 different predictions.

The first being that GMX as a platform will continue to develop and grow. Allowing for liquidity providers to continue to generate fees over an extended period of time. The second is that over time traders will continue to lose more than they when. Providing more fees to liquidity providers without draining the liquidity pool. And lastly it is a bullish stance on the underlying assets that make up the basket of tokens that make Glp.

The basic stance is that over an extended period of time these 3 assumptions will prove to be true and the strategy is essentially a DCA strategy into Glp.

The contract address for this strategy can be found here:

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